Development Services

Companies running COBOL applications have several things in common...

1. They feel they are running hopelessly outdated software

2. They are reluctant to spend on developing a system they feel is obsolete

3. They think there are better, cheaper, more reliable systems on the market


What they may not consider is...

1. Their system does exactly what they want - the business dictates how the application works - not the other way round!

2. Old - maybe, obsolete, no. COBOL is still considered one of the most robust and proven programming languages in use. There are somewhere in the region of 180 Billion lines of Cobol code in use today - have so many people got it wrong?

3. If your application does exactly what you want now, the chances of finding a replacement "off the shelf" package that fits your business needs precisely are pretty remote - and certainly not cheap!

Flexsys (UK) Ltd have been developing and maintaining COBOL applications since 1991. Our team has countless years' experience in financial, distribution, manufacturing and stock control systems, as well as the leisure industry.

We currently provide support and consultancy on a 24x7 basis world-wide to customers with specific business-critical requirements.




If you have a development need in COBOL, we may be able to help. As well as the development team, we have a team of experienced business analysts who can identify your requirements, and work with you to arrive at an agreed specification. All have experience in local, national and international projects, no job is too small, none too big. One of our current customers has offices on every continent, and we supply support to them all either remotely or on site, on a regular basis.

Feel free to contact us on a no obligation basis!